Be Safe, Not Sorry! The importance of preparation

Before you can begin to unlock your business voice, it’s worth doing some preparation work and taking the time to discover your own current limitations. What obstacles might have been holding you back? By learning to understand them, you can learn to challenge yourself. Putting your own boundaries back around them will put you back in charge. Once you’ve voiced these fears and concerns, you give yourself back the control to overcome them and move forward.

The importance of planning 

During my days as a chemistry student, a teacher had a saying which has stuck: “Don’t be a bucket chemist’. In other words, don’t chuck a few things in and hope you’ll get the reaction you want. With most things in life, and especially in business, it is the time and effort put into the preparation that will make you achieve the result you aspire to. Experimenting with how you communicate is time well spent as it will enable you to grow professionally and in confidence throughout the rest of your career.

Unlocking your Business Voice

In business, career progression doesn’t always have to be knowledge-based. Knowing more than your colleague doesn’t automatically mean you are more worthy. If moving forward is your goal, it will be much more dependent on the impact that you have on those around you (internally and externally to your organisation). If you follow My Business Voice Methodology, you’ll be on your way to ensuring you get long term results in the way that you communicate.

My Business Voice Methodology

Follow the tips below to aid in your success (and see my collection of infographics for more information on each):

Vocation – Make sure you set a realistic outcome for your communication

Observation – Aspire to find and use qualities from others

Intention – Make sure you are aware of your intention of your content

Casting – Break boundaries by stretching your natural casting (the way you see yourself currently, or how others perceive you)

Experiment – Try finding a rehearsal buddy to experiment new methods with

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