Unlock Your Business Voice – theory into practice

Here are the best bits from my first book ‘Unlock Your Business Voice – how to sound as good as you think’, which can help you develop your business communication skills. You can download them without giving up any personal details, just click on picture and download! I’ve chosen the parts that consistently get the most positive response:

My Business Voice Methodology®– a simple way of remembering how to stand up and speak out when you need to.
Avoiding Networking Nightmares – practical survival tips for anyone who hates the idea.
Playing the Status Game – how to hold your own and manage the imposter syndrome.
Recipe of Intention – give your content that extra kick and make it memorable.
Low Drama No Excuse Warm Up – does what it says on the infographic!

They’re on me, you can download just one or all of them, I really hope you find them useful. If they’ve helped you, feel free to pass them on to other friends and colleagues.

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