Founder – Simon de Cintra

During nearly thirty years in business, Simon de Cintra has coached and mentored subject matter experts who’ve needed to make more of an impact. Although Simon started his career in Sales; the defining moment came when he left the corporate world behind and, in his late thirties, joined the Actors Company to train professionally as an actor. On his arrival at drama school, the early criticism of ‘stop acting’ and ‘beautifully said, didn’t believe a word’, inspired him to seek the formula behind truthful and authentic communication.

On graduating from Drama School, he set up MyFirstTrainers® and for over ten years has delivered workshops and coaching sessions all over the world, for leading business schools and in private and public sector businesses.

What Simon discovered, from working with thousands of technical experts, is that everybody’s best version of themselves is good enough. It’s not about having to be an actor, it’s much more about being comfortable in your own voice and making it work for you. He has combined his understanding of the corporate world with his experience as a jobbing actor to design a book for people looking to improve their influence at work. In Unlock Your Business Voice, Simon describes a simple framework for finding your most impactful business voice in the fast growing world of high tech business.

Simon’s simple mantra is ‘make what you say count to the people that matter’.

Simon speaks to Tina Rozul in a Salesforce podcast:

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