Have a look at what BreakEven Books thought of ‘Unlock Your Business Voice’

Always welcoming an external opinion, ‘Unlock your business voice’ has had the opportunity to be reviewed by BreakEven Books. With the book receiving an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5.

The reviewer Chris Connors gave extra credit to the ‘VOICE’ detail section of the book, giving particular mention to advise paragraphs  such as,“playing it safe with non-verbal communication is a false security because dialling down your body language, contact and facial expressions too much is likely to be interpreted negatively by recipient”. People will see what they want to see—or fear to see—in a neutral face (see The Kuleshov Effect), so bosses playing it neutral to give their employees a voice may actually discourage their voice.

Providing a detailed critique Chris also praised the book for its use of easy to remember tips and phrases shown in the following extract: ‘There is some excellent advice to follow for speaking to an audience summarized into easily remembered phrases (“Did you take the opportunity to sparkle or did you just deliver the main ingredients?”). There’s also a good section on what he calls “low status” and “high status” behaviours that nicely summarize how to present yourself to an audience. These are presentation tips that should be taught in all high schools.’

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