How To Become A More Effective Salesperson

There are a lot of elements to communication that will influence how effective a salesperson you are! You need to perfect your sales pitch in order to meet your sales targets. Writing for Sales Initiative Simon de Cintra unveils the four behaviours that will lead you to become a more effective salesperson.

1. Manage your facial expressions & body language

As a salesperson, presentation is key. You cannot neglect non-verbal communication otherwise you may be missing out on delivering sales. You need to look confident, approachable and friendly in face-to-face sales situations to be influential.

Care must be taken to not look disinterested, distant, preoccupied, bored or in a hurry when trying to sell to a client. If you annoy your client with your non-verbal communication, your ability to influence will be significantly minimised.

On the other hand, playing it safe with non-verbal communication is a false security, because dialling down your body language, contact and facial expressions too much is likely to be interpreted negatively by the recipient. An important balance needs to be met.

2. Have a strong conclusion

The closing point of a sales pitch is the most important. This is where the ultimate sales decision is made and you do not want to lose out on a potential purchase. It is important to avoid repeating yourself and being condescending in your conclusion if you want to close the sale.

The conclusion is the perfect time to consolidate the key reasons why the client should agree to the sale.

If you are not influential in your conclusion, you may be facing a losing battle. However, if you over-rehearse the conclusion it is easy to become blinded by the quality of your sales pitch and the opportunity for the client and in doing so, you forget that your client is hearing the conclusion for the first time and that they need to arrive at the right outcome without being overwhelmed by too much information.

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