Top three tips to unlocking your business voice

Communication in the business environment is evolving and the presence of a strong business voice will help enable you to reach your goals no matter where you are in your career progression. Writing for the Ethos Paper, Simon gives his three top tips to unlocking your business voice.

1.Are you chicken and rice OR sugar and spice?

Viewing how you communicate as a recipe of ingredients will do wonders for your communication. Here is what I mean by the question “are you chicken and rice OR sugar and spice?” Imagine your next meal will be plain chicken and rice, will this fill you up? How would you feel if I said you would have to eat this meal for the next few months? You would certainly get fed up of eating the same. Sometimes inadvertently this is how we make others’ feel about our communication, you need to make yourself engaging and less predictable with some “sugar and spice!” Tickle the taste buds of your audience with the use of “spices” such as questions which challenge the audience or statistics which dazzle. However, do not overuse these as their impact will wane. Next add in some sugars that will help sweeten the deal such as praising or flattering your audience or including a joke in your message. As with spices, a few “sweeter” intentions will go a long way in improving your communication skills.

2.Find the key to unlock your business voice

Make unlocking your business voice your priority! It is easy to get distracted in business, but you must realign your focus to your communication in order to make a positive change on the world. It does not matter who or where you are in your career progression, if your business voice remains locked away, this will most certainly be an impediment to achieving future success. You need the courage to go out of your comfort zone to demand other’s attention in the fickle business arena. Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses as well as being aware of what’s going on around you will stand you in good stead, so if things seem to be going wrong, just stop and try another way to communicate instead.

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