Six Ways to ‘Beat the Bullies’ and regain your status at work

Statistics show that around a third of people have experienced some kind of bullying in the workplace, which goes to show that such behaviour is not confined to the classroom, or to childhood. Whatever your role within the workplace, there are steps you can take to avoid getting sucked into such mind games and maintain your influence and integrity.

Simon’s was one of a number of experts asked to comment on bullying in the workplace during National Bullying Week and his advice was:

Don’t play the ‘Status Game’
We’ve all been situations where colleagues, clients or associates play the ‘Status Game’ and try to make you feel inferior by elevating their status.  Keep the conversation on a level playing field to avoid being undermined. Being understood by others, is more important than being the expert in your own head. At the risk of being controversial, the ability to persuade others is over-rated in today’s world of work. Remember to concentrate on knowing what is useful for them to get from you and make it your job to be easy to listen to and finally be present with them as they react to what you are telling them.

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