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Have a look at what BreakEven Books thought of ‘Unlock Your Business Voice’

Always welcoming an external opinion, ‘Unlock your business voice’ has had the opportunity to be reviewed by BreakEven Books. With the book receiving an overall rating of 3.5 out of 5. The reviewer Chris Connors gave extra credit to the ‘VOICE’ detail section of the book, giving particular mention to advise paragraphs  such as,“playing it […]

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business success

Boost your success appeal in business!

Today the world of business is a very competitive arena following globalisation and the growth in online communication, therefore businesses only want to recruit the BEST talent available! Here Simon was one of a number of experts asked to comment on how individuals can boost their business success appeal to employers in 2018! The perfect presentation […]

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small business

Eight ways to boost your business!

Writing for for Small Business Saturday, Simon and a selection of other experts provided their top tips for making the most of their business! Simon’s tip was: Presentation practice for small business Presentation coach Simon de Cintra, author of “Unlock Your Business Voice: How to Sound As Good As You Think” offers his advice on […]

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New Year Business Resolutions

Small businesses had quite the year in 2017, underpinned by the vote to leave the EU, and the subsequent fluctuations and uncertainty in international trade. But in spite of this unpredictability, the UK’s SMEs flourished in the latter half of last year, and naturally, business people want to keep this ball rolling and ensure security […]

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