Top tips to become more influential in the workplace

Do you feel like your colleagues aren’t listening to you at work? Well this blog post is for you – writing for Start Up Donut Simon unveils the four big diagnostic questions that will help you ascertain how influential you are at work and get closer to your goals!


When are you at your most influential at work?


It’s all about your power to influence others indirectly, and sometimes unintentionally, rather than using deliberate tactics to persuade them.

You may not immediately be aware when you’re influencing others, because it happens naturally. Think about when other people have moved in your direction without you pushing them to do so. It’s much easier to spot the result than the process. You may have noticed a colleague quoting you during meetings, or adopting a similar style of presenting.

Make notes on what actually happened (in the style of the police recording an incident); you want evidence, rather than analysis.


Which situations most commonly lead to deadlock?


Being stuck in deadlock is the antithesis of being influential. You need to identify the antecedents to reaching deadlock. There will likely be some trends that emerge, including:

  • types of people with whom you just don’t gel;
  • one side abusing their status and the other being entrenched in ‘being right’;
  • conflicting agendas;
  • time pressure;
  • no one caring enough about finding a compromise.

Pick your battles – invest in the occasions that are worth winning. To tackle deadlock, try something different – this will require time and perseverance.


What happens if you are thrown in at the deep end?


Reflect on these situations, and think about what made you feel out of your depth. This requires difficult self-analysis to see if you can uncover the underlying cause behind the symptom.



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