Four ways to influence customers!

The sheer number of competitors in the majority of industries is a huge challenge facing business professionals. In this overcrowded marketplace customers certainly have the power, an unsatisfied customer can easily go elsewhere. Consequently, writing for Engage Employee Simon has revealed four ways you can influence your customers.

  1.  Don’t Try Too Hard

At the risk of being controversial, I’m suggesting that the ability to persuade others is overrated in today’s world of work. This might contradict everything you’ve been told. My point has nothing to do with the legitimacy of being able to persuade, yet has plenty to with not making that your sole arim or preoccupation. If everything else you’re doing is right and your product or service is robust, then you stand a pretty good chance of convincing consumers, without even noticing you’re trying.

I often demonstrate this idea by asking a group I’m working with for a show of hands in agreement if they enjoy buying things, and usually the majority of hands go up. I then ask whoever has raised their arm to keep it there if they enjoy being sold to. Now most of the hands are lowered, because the gratification associated with making our own mind up to buy something is entirely different to the resistance we subconsciously generate when somebody tries to sell us something.

The same is true for influencing and convincing. Most consumers are open to being influence, provided the final decision is theirs and not reliant on us being convinced by others, particularly if there is even the slightest hint of manipulation.

  1. 5 Key Points To Remember!
  • Concentrate on knowing what’s useful for consumers to get from you
  • Make it your job to be easy to listen to
  • Be present with them as they react to what you’re telling them
  • Match communication styles to create rapport with customers
  • Be Authentic

It is important to remember you will not get very far by telling customers that they have made the wrong decision! To be able to influence it i all about choosing your mindset and therefore your role in any piece of communication that you deliver. This will, and indeed should, vary depending on the situation, but absolutely not according to the personalities involved.

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